There are two ways to join a game of Rugby League Breakout, either by setting up a new team in a new league, or by taking over an existing team in a league that's already running. Most people take the second option. It's quicker, cheaper and more realistic.


When you join by taking over a team in a league that's already running we call this a "standby position". You can always do this immediately, provided there's a team available. Otherwise you can wait until someone drops out (that's why it's called a standby position).

Taking over a team that's BEEN struggling is how real life coaches have to start, of course, and we think it's the best way for new players in any case. It's best to get to know the game before you try starting a team from scratch, because you need to have a clear idea of what balance of players you want. If you're playing online a standby place means you don't have to spend any money and if it turns out the game doesn't suit you then you won't be letting anyone down.


To join a new league that's setting up from scratch you have to wait until there are enough players to fill a whole league. We need to collect a full set of twelve players for each start, so what happens first of all is that you go onto a waiting list. When we've got enough players we set up the league. The initial strengths of your team are distributed according to the number of points you allocate between different areas of your team (the different skills, player positions, plus potential and depth).


There's an option for online players to play for free. Free emailers are called "freemailers" ("free emailers") for short. You don't actually email your orders: you input them online into our database using the website provided. Follow the link to How to Play for Free for details if you're interested.

Otherwise to join you'll need to pay for a startup. There's a version of the Startup Form that you can print out if you want to apply by post, but it's simplest to use our Online Form and sign up by credit card.

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