If you play online, then you can play Rugby League Stats for free. We refer to players who play online for free as "freemailers". There are some restrictions.

To play online you must input your orders for each turn using the website that's provided at and you must be able to receive your game reports by email. These conditions mean we don't have to pay someone to input your orders (the whole process can be done computer to computer) and we don't have to print and post your game report (as we normally do in a play-by-mail game). That reduces the expenses. A lot.

The other restriction is that you can only play a standby position, and only if the team didn't make the finals last season. Once you do make the finals you have to decide (at the start of the next season) whether to continue as a normal player (paying to play) or start over with a different team in a different league (or a different game).

Note: You CAN take a freemailer team all the way to the Grand Final and win it. It's not impossible. The only thing you can't do is defend your title, or get close to it and keep trying, unless you upgrade to a normal position (if you've got that far into the game, and are reluctant to give it up, it's a pretty fair bet you'll feel it's value for money - it's not expensive).


If you're Rhys O'Neill, have another go - you didn't give us your email address. St Helens ARE available at the moment. Same goes for anyone else who hasn't had a response - we're getting plenty of game reports bounced back to us because of duff email addresses.

Use the Freemailer Startup Form to request a position in a game. We'll email you to check your email address is correct and working (if you don't hear from us within 48 hours email us to check what's happening). Once we've had confirmation we'll allocate your team, send you a game report, and provide you with a username for the website.

The game report will be the next one AFTER you join (the other players already in the game think it's important to be warned of new coaches being appointed before you start making changes) so there may be a wait (up to a couple of weeks if that's how often the game runs).

In the meantime, you can use the online version of the Rulebook and collect a Sample Game Report so you're not starting from scratch when your own game report arrives.

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