This is one of a series of games that include Football, American Football, Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Rugby (League and Union), Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey and Formula One - as well as Historical, Science Fiction and Business games.

Titles include Gameplan, Gridiron Stats, Gameplan Baseball, Raceplan, Hooplan, Slamdunk, Play On, Rugby Stats, Rugby League Breakout, Run Chase, Soccer Stats, Soccer Strategy, Dark Age, Star Chase, Spaceplan, Speculate, European Empires, Australian Empires, Medieval Empires and World Empires.

Of the sports games you don't need to be told what might interest you, but of the player interaction games Medieval Empires and Star Chase are probably the simplest and easiest to get stuck into. Dark Age has been running a long time with very few changes, and is probably still the best of the group. It can be very quick and things can happen very suddenly.

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Of all our other games the one most likely to be of interest to a rugby leagye fan is Rugby League Stats. This is a stats-based game which we run in both the UK and Australia (it's connected to Superleague games in the UK and to NRL games in Australia). Follow the link for more details.

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